So..... yeah..

All Binge No Purge
14 May 1986
St. Louis
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They only want you when you're seventeen, when you're twenty one, you're no fun.

I'm so utterly fabulous, I eat shoes and shit glitter. Makeup is your friend, kinda like clean underwear... in the sense that you should never leave home without it. A face without makeup is like a... well... its like.... ugly.. yeah. *ahem*

SO, I tend to live on earth, but I'm planning to change that ASAP.

Being of legal drinking age has its perks, though I don't really notice too often.

I belong in Tokyo. Specifically on Takeshita Street.

Spontaneity is a guilty pleasure of mine. As are zombies.. and japanese pop music.

I'm an artist, in every sense of the word: Photography, Makeup, Modeling, Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, Fashion Design and Construction, Music, Literature, Cultural Anthropology... etc.

People FASCINATE me... sometimes.

I smoke.. I drink.. I eat.. I sleep(sometimes).. Being human sucks.

I'm into shock factor.. If I can make small children cry then I feel warm and fuzzy inside... wait, not fuzzy... warm and squishy... kinda like when you sit in something unpleasant..

I don't look the way I do to please anyone but myself, and I'm happy with who I am. I <3 myself to the extent that a person with no self esteem will allow.

I am spiritual, but not religious.

I was homeschooled.

My mother is a witch, and my father is a christian.
My sister is agnostic, and my brother is in the army... not that it has anything to do with what he believes, but I thought I'd mention that... since I really have no idea what he believes in.

I was raised conservative.. but I am liberal to the core.
I've been through every flavor of christianity one can imagine.. including mennonite! YES! It's TRUE!

I like boys and girls.. but I like boys ALOT. *shrugs*

Let me borrow that top.

St. Louis needs a cultural enama... or maybe a nice paper cut with lemon juice.
(sings)*in the ghettoooo*